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            Today, Hangzhou Heyiwei product will show you a very magical daily necessities: cotton soft towels. As a professional manufacturer of cotton soft towels. We know everything about cotton soft towels. First of all, let's understand what are the soft tissues and cotton soft tissues used by babies?


            嬰兒純棉柔軟毛巾主要用于給嬰兒清潔。 由于純棉柔軟毛巾的天然健康和柔軟質地,所以非常適合給寶寶清潔身體。同時棉柔巾可干濕兩用。 用溫水沾濕后可以擦寶寶的口水,擦小手,還能清洗寶寶的屁股和寶寶的玩具。在日常帶娃過程中可謂是使用頻率非常高

            Baby cotton soft towels are mainly used to clean babies. Due to the natural health and soft texture of the cotton soft towel, it is very suitable for cleaning the baby's body. At the same time, cotton soft towels can be used for both dry and wet purposes. After moistening with warm water, you can wipe your baby's saliva, wipe your hands, and wash your baby's butt and baby's toys. It can be said that the frequency of use is very high in the daily process of bringing a baby


            In addition to using for babies, what other magical uses does the cotton soft towel have?

            1. 當作化妝棉使用。棉纖維的中空多孔結構具有很強的吸水性和釋放性,非常適合制作棉花和卸妝液。 化妝時,用棉質柔軟的毛巾蘸取乳液,即可輕松上妝,并且還非常省化妝油; 同樣的卸妝時擦臉,親膚柔軟,搓揉肌膚無刺激,不易引起過敏。

              1. Use as a cotton pad. The hollow porous structure of cotton fiber has strong water absorption and release properties, which is very suitable for making cotton and makeup remover. When applying makeup, use a soft cotton towel to dip in the lotion, you can easily apply makeup, and it is also very oil-saving; the same way when removing makeup, it is skin-friendly and soft, rubs the skin without irritation, and is not easy to cause allergies.

            2. 作為簡易的過濾濾布。棉柔巾100%純棉制成。致密的排布讓它的過濾效果也非常好。日常作為濾網使用,干凈又衛生。甚至可以作為濾茶袋、藥材袋??梢杂萌彳浀拿廾韺⒉枞~包起來,可以過濾掉大顆粒的雜質。過濾下來的就是干凈的茶飲或者中藥飲劑了。 .

            2. As a simple filter cloth. The cotton soft towel is made of 100% cotton. The dense arrangement makes its filtering effect also very good. Daily use as a filter, clean and hygienic. It can even be used as a tea filter bag or a medicinal material bag. You can wrap the tea leaves with a soft cotton towel to filter out large particles of impurities. What is filtered is clean tea or Chinese medicine. .


            3. It can be used as an emergency mask. Face masks are in short supply during the epidemic. You can stack two soft cotton towels together with a stapler to fix two rubber bands, so that an emergency mask is completed, but this can only be used as an emergency. Remember not to replace it for a long time

            4.培育花卉種子。種子可在濕棉軟毛巾上栽培,特別適合水培栽培。 只需將長出的種子與棉質柔軟的毛巾一起放入營養液中即可。

            4. Cultivate flower seeds. The seeds can be cultivated on wet cotton soft towels, which are especially suitable for hydroponic cultivation. Just put the grown seeds and a soft cotton towel into the nutrient solution.

            5.傷口的緊急處理。如果在戶外不小心劃傷了皮膚,又一時間找不到創可貼,可以使用純棉柔來止血使用! 純棉柔軟毛巾在醫療級環保車間生產。 消毒后,它們可以減少傷口感染,是傷口護理的好選擇。

            5. Emergency treatment of wounds. If you accidentally scratch your skin outdoors and you cannot find a band-aid for a while, you can use pure cotton soft to stop bleeding! Pure cotton soft towels are produced in medical-grade environmental protection workshops. After disinfection, they can reduce wound infections and are a good choice for wound care.


            杭州禾壹衛品科技有限公司是專業生產棉柔巾的廠家,可以根據您的需求oem代工生產各類棉柔巾產品。歡迎您電話咨詢:15397152588 (陳經理)

            It seems that cotton soft towels really have a lot of magical uses! Presumably, when the cotton soft towel manufacturers produced it, they never thought that simple cotton soft towels and face wash towels could be used in so many scenarios. So we have to say: As long as you are willing to use your brain, you can use cotton soft towels everywhere!

            Hangzhou Heyiweipin Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of cotton soft towels, and can produce all kinds of cotton soft towels according to your needs. You are welcome to call: 15397152588 (Manager Chen)

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